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First Date Mac and Cheese

October 24, 2011

Have you ever tried to make Macaroni and Cheese at home? Then you know that if using just about anything but Velveta, you’re going to end up with water and clumps of glue… it’s not a pretty sight.

So when it came out, I was completely shocked… There wasn’t a crust… or creamyness in each bite or for that matter, in any bite. It was a bowl of noodles and shredded cheese sitting in water. Seriously, I originally thought that someone must have made a mistake in suggesting this place. But after digging in through several veils of shredded cheeses, tomatoes, chives, and thick chuncks of bacon.. the corkscrew pasta started to make sense.

Think about it…there’s no cream, and no milky base. Heck! There’s no wiz in this cheese!!!… And it works. In fact, it works because it won’t upset your tummy later while partaking in a craft beer.

But wait, before we get to another one of my favorite topics, I want to mention another one of the reasons you should check this out… it’s served with garlic toast. My guess is that “Chef” knew that Mac and cheese fans… well… we like to play with our food. So when there’s something to play with, like chopstix, or breadsticks.. I’m all for it.

There’s a couple of other bonuses we really must discuss… One is that BJ’s doesn’t set out making their M & C more than what it is. With a modest charge of only $3.95 it makes me wonder why so many other restaurants charge $8-9 for similar presentation and product quality. Really now, Mac & Cheese is the bomb-diggity, though it doesn’t seem to command the same price tag as say an entire meal…

The second thing I’d like to point out is that this is a brewpub and as you well know, I like my beer. I especially like craft beers and BJ’s does a fine job of delivering a fine beer. My boyfriend and I have grown into quite the homebrewers and find that in general, there’s no such thing as a bad craft beer. Which is why, when you wanna put your best food forward, the first date should be here.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse on Urbanspoon

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