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Broadway 5050 the Mac & Cheese Promise Land

September 30, 2011

Have you ever awaken and craved something so terribly that the only way to quench your thirst was to dive in face first to a bowl of your desired craving? Mine is macaroni & cheese and there is no reasonable explanation as to why the world lacks proper reporting of it’s available locations and who makes the stuff dreams are made of.

First up, after reading a post by broadway 50/50 on FB, I chose lunch to sample their regular or spicy Mac & cheese. Although I ordered both, I had to dig into the Spicy first and Yeowww! Bacon, jalapeños, large shell shaped pasta and if you told me that this dish is made from the real deal Hollyfield government cheeses, well by-golly, I would not be surprised!


Now, to tell you about the things that this Mac and cheese exudes that resonate in every Mac&cheese lovers dreams. First, you take a fork and dig in, but not before piercing the crust. . This pie has a crust… made of.. yes… Cheese!

Once you get past the first layer of goodness, the velvety sauce the pasta floats in.. Grabs hold of your fork… And won’t let go. The cheese gets stringy and uncontrollable. After whisking your fork around in the air a bit, you realize that there is now a 5 foot string of cheese, on the table, winding from the bowl, around the plate, and on to your mouth, if not for your shirt getting in the way… You may have walked out still looking like an adult.

They should just rename this Imperial Baked Cheesy Goodness.

Hands down… Broadway 5050 has THE BEST TRADITIONAL Mac and cheese in the city!

I should tell you that the rest of lunch was just as surprisingly good as the Mac; and reasonably priced at that.



Sorry folks… Broadway 50/50 is only in San Antonio…. Which gives you an excellent reason to come and visit! – 2 locations

Broadway – 5050 Broadway Street, San Antonio – (210) 826-0069

Colonnade – 9837 W Interstate 10, San Antonio – (210) 691-5050

Broadway 50 50 on Urbanspoon

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